Kitesurf lesson in Tarifa


Kitesurf is not a difficult sport. Learning an extreme sport in a few days is a luxury few sports can afford. Learning Kitesurf in Tarifa is not difficult but it requires safety. Kite Local School Tarifa has the latest Kitesurfing equipment in the market, a rescue boat, and one of the most innovative teaching certification in Kitesurf. You will be learning Kitesurf in Tarifa in full safety.
With Kite Local School you can decide either you want to just discover what Kitesurf is in a discovery course, to reach a certain level in Kitesurfing or to do the full course to reach independency.

In order to be fully independent in Kitesurfing, you will need to have ridden a certain number of hours. Generally, independency is obtained after 12 to 15 hours of lessons, from 2 to 3 hours per day. Nevertheless, Kite Local School does everything possible so that you have fun from the first hour of course.


Each step or level is compulsory in order to practise correctly Kitesurf in Tarifa. You will learn the essentials and all the safety rules. A step or level of progression lasts from 2 to 3 hours.

Introduction to Kite (2-3h)

The essential discovery lesson. You will learn the basics: Kite control and safety rules.

  • Control small trainer kite.
  • Safety training.
  • Control of standard kite.
  • Launching and landing.
  • Stand and slide.

Body Drag and Water Start (5-6h)

First contact with Kitesurfing on water. You will feel the power of the Kite on water.

  • Control kite in water.
  • Body drag exercices.
  • Re-launch kite in water.
  • Water start introduction.

Board control on the Water (6-9h)

Master the Kite on water and do your first stand up board trials.

  • Intensive water practice.
  • Kite control perfection.
  • Steering the board introduction.

Independency (9-12h)

Navigate with total independence, go and return to the same point.

You are now independent on Kitesurfing  and can easily ride in Tarifa

  • Being auto-sufficient.
  • Water start in both directions.
  • Steering the board perfection.


Kite Local School offers you many choices so you can practice Kitesurf independently in Tarifa. You can choose a basic course if you are completely beginner in Kitesurf or you have already practise a little. If you are already independent, you can take an advance lesson to learn new techniques or strapless Kitesurfing.


First experience with Kitesurf in Tarifa? This type of lesson is made for you! Have you practice Kitesurf some years ago and you need a refresh? This type of lesson is also made for you! Even if you ride little and you consider you haven’t reached independency yet we advise you to take one of these three formula lessons.


4 persons per instructor

70 € for 3 hours

A certified instructor will be teaching 3 to 4 students with a two kites . We strongly advise students to know each other for they will be assisting mutually all the time.

1 Instructor

2 cometas

full equipment


rescue boat

Semi Private

2 persons per instructor

90 € / hours

A certified instructor will be teaching two students. The lesson will be more fitted to the progression of the students. You will learn twice as fast than a group lesson.

1 Instructor

1 ó 2 cometas

full equipment


rescue boat


1 person

60 € / hour

Our top certified instructors will be fully available for a single student. It is the type of lesson we recommend the most, because it is the one the student will learn more and faster. Remember Kitesurf is a sport practice by a single person. At the end you will be alone riding on the board.

1 Instructor

1 cometa

full equipment


rescue boat


If you already Kitesurf in total independence and you wish to improve your level you have the following choices:


2 - 3 persons

30 € /  Hour (Min 3h)

An instructor will always be looking for your safety. The equipment and rescue boat are not included.

1 Supervisor


1 person

70 € / hour

A certified instructor will teach you what you are looking for : small jumps, big air jumps, tricks or simply improve your kite navigation.

1 Instructor

1 kite

full equipment


rescue boat


1 person

60 € / hour

If you want to discover this whole new world inside the Kitesurfing world, a certified instructor will be pleased to teach you how.

1 Instructor

1 kite and 1 Surf board

full equipment


rescue boat


  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Group (3h/D) 65€ 130€ 195€ 260€ 325€
Semi Private (3h/D) 90€ 180€ 270€ 360€ 450€
Private (2h/D) 120€ 240€ 360€ 480€ 600€
Private (3h/D) 180€ 360€ 540€ 720€ 900€

These prices include TVA. Discounts are available on low season. Just contact us to know more.


Kite Local School gives you the possibility to plan your courses in advance during your stay in Tarifa.

Through the following form you can inform us about what course you want to do and when. Our team will contact you to advise you and make the reservation.

Kite Local School is one of the first schools of extreme and aquatic sports in Tarifa. Since 2000, we have taught Kitesurfing, Surfing and Windsurfing classes.

Everything is included: Kite material, IKO license, rescue boat and all risk insurance.

Economical prices, certified monitors with years of experience are at your disposal.

Come enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach with Kite Local Team!